i wish i could say “?????????” in real life it would be very useful

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It looks like he is preforming a “kiss of death”image

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That is the most punk thing I’ve seen all day

humpty dumpty fell off the pUNK ASS WALL
  • Always say yes to seeing friends
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Recognize that positive change rarely happens overnight
  • Accept the fuck-ups, but try not to let them happen again
  • There is a song to remedy every situation on the planet
  • Appreciate the people in your life
  • Look for the good in everything
  • Try new things and try them often
  • Treat yourself as well as you treat others

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sometimes dogs get embarrassed that someone saw them acting anything other than a majestic and stoic beast

I love it when my dog does this. He’ll just drop it like me watching has ruined it


Hell yeah Titan tower go hard

Turn Up Tower